If you have a commercial restaurant, chances are you also have a grease dumpster and a grease dumpster area. This area is susceptible to nasty and dangerous grease spills. Omni Containment has an awesome product that helps you keep your business clean: Lane Guard™. It is designed to be low to the ground, which keeps it discreet and out of the way, to trap and contain spills and oil leaks from the grease dumpster.

The Lane Guard™ has a durable, UV-resistant, stable top layer to protect it from damage. In the center, there is a hydrophobic absorbent layer that can hold up to five whole gallons of grease (which is a lot, because your rooftop grease containment system only holds one gallon if it’s NFPA 96 compliant). Hydrophobic means that it will absorb all FOGs (fats, oils, grease) and it won’t absorb water from rainfall, leaving all five gallons of absorbing abilities to the FOGs.

For the ground, it has a tear-resistant polymer backing to protect it from moving around. It also has military-grade elastic bands on each corner to help secure it into the ground for support. If you have a dumpster area and grease dumpster for your business, this is an important step that you won’t want to skip out on. Here are four of our clients’ top reasons why they chose to invest in a Lane Guard™ for their business.

1) Avoid EPA & Local Environmental Fines

If you don’t have a Lane Guard™, it can lead to grease being dispersed all over your pavement and the outside of the grease dumpster. The problem with this is that when it rains, that rain is definitely going to wash some of the grease particles into surrounding riverbeds, storm drains, or the surrounding environment. This negligence can lead to fines from the EPA and local ordinances of up to $15,000 per offense.

2) Protect Your Pavement

Grease is acidic, which means when it comes in contact with asphalt it will become corrosive. It will eat through the asphalt and cause it to crumble and crack. Which can lead to two options: 1) leaving the asphalt to corrode which can lead to safety issues or 2) costly asphalt repairs. Asphalt repairs cost between $2 and $2.50 per square foot.

3) Enhance Your Curb Appeal

A business’ curb appeal is one of the reasons customers will frequent your business. Your curb appeal is how nice, clean, and orderly the outside of your business is—being clean and enticing enough to attract customers based on the looks. When you use a Lane Guard™, you immediately increase your curb appeal. Check out these photos we took for an example of what not to do, and how having a Lane Guard™ would have significantly increased this business’s curb appeal.

4) Safety First

Sometimes the grease from grease dumpsters doesn’t just leak, it completely overflows. This can be due to being too full, having an unknown hole, or not being shut properly. Overflows of grease can cause safety hazards as anyone who would need to frequent this area is subject to slipping and falling due to the overflowed grease. This picture below is a perfect example of how dangerous it is (not to mention the environmental impacts):