Grease Away™ is a biodegradable grease emulsifier that is both cost effective and easy to use.  It is very effective at emulsifying grease and preventing potential property damage. When applying Grease Away™ to wet grease, apply enough powder to coat the grease puddle for best effect. If there is grease visibly seeping through the poured product, add additional product. The product should sit on the greasy area, undisturbed, for up to 72 hours. That includes rain fall.

If rain is expected, hold off on application. For best results, apply Grease Away™ 24-72 hours before rainfall. This will help ensure that Grease Away™ has enough time to fully emulsify the grease from the roof or pavement without being washed away. It is effective on virtually any area where you may find grease spills, from roof tops to pavement.  You can read more about that in this article: Grease Dumpster Corrals.

This Grease Away was designed to be used on wet grease. However, it does have a positive effect when applied to dry grease. If water is applied to the dry grease and then Grease Away™ is applied and agitated with a scrub brush, this method will achieve positive results. Grease Away™ is far more effective on wet grease so it is a good idea to check the roof or other surface that could collect grease periodically and catch grease spills while they are fresh, such as applying Grease Away™ each time a filter is changed as part of the normal servicing of a containment system. Doing so can prevent further roof damage and save the restaurant significant amounts of money.

One of the reasons Grease Away™ has been such a popular product is because there is little to no clean up involved after application. If rainfall occurs 24-72 hours after product application, the saturated Grease Away™ will be washed away and no cleanup is necessary. If not, the saturated Grease Away™ can be washed away using a hose. Many other grease absorbing products involve a significant amount of clean up.

Traditional cleanup of a grease absorbent involves coating the grease saturated area with an absorbent material, such as cat litter, which then needs to be swept off and physically hauled away. That is far messier and more time consuming than just applying Grease Away™ on wet grease before a rainfall is expected. The Omni Containment team set out to specifically create a product that was easy on the end user. We know there are a ton of aspects to running a successful restaurant and we wanted to create a way to lessen the amount of work involved with removing grease to free up time for other necessary duties.

One bucket of Grease Away™ is equivalent to 40 one-pound shakers. A bucket costs $550.49 and buying 40 individual shakers would cost $1,226.80. The cost of a bucket would be approximately equivalent to purchasing 18 individual shakers. By buying a bucket instead of single shakers, you are getting over 22 pounds of additional product. If you were going to use 18 shakers, why not buy a bucket instead and save yourself some money by getting the equivalent of 22 shakers for free! Each bucket does come with two empty shaker containers for easy use! For more information about our products please visit our website or call 847.468.1772