NFPA® 96 provides requirements that significantly aid in the prevention of fire at both public and private commercial cooking operations. These requirements cover installation, operation, inspection, maintenance, and testing of the full range of commercial kitchen cooking equipment, fans, fire suppression, exhaust duct systems, hoods, and grease removal devices.

These codes prevent millions of fires each year. Per the NFPA®, a total of 1,345,500 fires were reported in the US in 2015. These fires resulted in 3,280 civilian deaths and $14.3 billion in property damage. The NFPA® 96 safety codes not only prevent fire, but may also reduce problems such as grease run off pollution and insect infestation that lead to costly health code violations. Small preventative measures can mean fewer problems like these.

When a roof has stagnant pools of grease sitting on it and it rains, runoff water takes the grease with it and pollutes surrounding lakes and rivers. This is a huge hazard. The EPA is aware of this issue and regularly tests for these types of violations. A violation due to grease containment equipment that is not up to code can mean costly fines. It can also create the need to correct the problem on a potentially tight deadline. Using grease containment systems that are NFPA® 96 compliant will prevent issues like these.

Insect infestation is another significant concern. Insects and animals from the surrounding area are drawn to stagnant dumpsters and pooling grease, and they tend to inhabit the area in and around commercial cooking sites. This is not only against health codes but is also incredibly detrimental for business’s profits and restaurant’s reputation. Properly maintained grease containment systems can make a huge difference in prevention of infestation and compliance with codes.

Grease containment is a small upfront investment that prevents the large costs of violation fines, cleaning pooled grease, and replacing damaged roof structure. Many restaurants get shut down every year due to infestation. Ensuring your commercial kitchen cooking equipment, fans, fire suppression, exhaust duct systems, hoods, and grease removal devices are compliant with NFPA® 96 could mean a much lower chance of experiencing these headaches.

Having a proper grease containment system in place can prevent huge long-term issues and increase compliance with health codes. The future of your private or public commercial cooking operation is in your hands.