Omni Containment Systems protects and serves over 20,000 restaurants and food processing facilities around the world. This has been achieved through our network of over 900 distribution and service providers who offer our comprehensive line of NFPA 96 Compliant Grease Containment products. We have always been a solution partner and always refer service opportunities to our international distribution network of kitchen exhaust companies. When service providers partner with us, they never have to worry that after they install an Omni product at a location, their product supplier may show up to try to compete with them.

Omni Containment Systems actively tries to work with our distributors, shoulder-to-shoulder. These companies, which include hood and duct cleaners, HVAC, property management, and roofers, among others, already have relationships with their restaurant customers and know what each facility might need to stay safe and free of grease. They promote Omni grease containment, hinges, and access doors which keep their customers compliant with codes and decrease their risk of fire. It’s a welcome source of additional income for them. Increased revenue isn’t the only benefit to a partnership with Omni. Here are several key elements of an Omni product partnership:

Will Never Compete with You

Many of Omni’s product competitors have their own service divisions. That means every time a kitchen exhaust cleaner or service provider installs their product for their customers, they are providing the manufacturer with a sales lead! At Omni, we do things differently. We understand that service providers work hard to grow their business and the last thing they want to do is to give away their service opportunities to a product manufacturer or supplier. If a service opportunity comes up, we pass it along our international network of commercial kitchen exhaust cleaners.

Meet NFPA Standards

The NFPA 96 fire code provides preventive and operative fire safety requirements intended to reduce the potential of fire hazards in both public and private commercial cooking operations. When inspecting or installing a kitchen exhaust fan, you should be familiar with the National Fire Protection Association’s fire code (NFPA 96) and check your local regulations. The NFPA 96 fire codes require all private commercial cooking operations to install a grease receptacle, hinge kit, and access panel on all upblast exhaust fans. In addition, NFPA 96 also requires all interior internal surfaces of the ductwork are easily accessible in commercial cooking operations, which highlights the importance of access panels. All Omni Containment Systems products are designed and manufactured to meet those NFPA 96 codes and regulations.

Lifetime of the Fan Warranty

Omni Containment Systems warranties its Grease Gutter™ line of rooftop grease containment systems, exhaust fan SuperHinge™ hinging system, Access Armor™ Access panels and Roof Guardian™ Rooftop Protection System to be free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship for the service life of the ventilator on which it was originally installed. To register an Omni product for a warranty, simply request a form and return it to the address located at the bottom of the warranty document. Abuses; misuse, misapplication; failure to maintain the product in accordance with manufacturer’s standard, changes, alterations, or maintenance by anyone other than manufacturer’s approved person; and failure to use genuine Omni Containment Systems, LLC filters will void the warranty on your product.

Family Owned Since Day 1

There would be no Omni without the initiative, leadership, persistence, and ingenuity of our founders, Kevin and Christina Chwala. Kevin’s extensive experience in the industry, combined with an inventive, problem-solving mind, resulted in the creation of the products we now produce that are widely considered to be a state-of-the-art, quality option for anyone interested in restaurant protection. Christina’s background in accounting, money management, legal issues, and office procedure combine to provide the basis for smooth operations from day-to-day and year-to-year. The pair are not only owners and bosses, but also kind and considerate friends. Omni Containment Systems has been family owned since day one!

Everything Made in the USA

Omni Containment Systems, LLC holds six patents and offers the most comprehensive line of NFPA 96 compliant grease containment products and accessories in the world. Omni’s products are designed to provide cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions that meet our clients’ needs for managing fats, oil, and grease output from their facilities. The hydrophobic filter technology, made with recycled materials, helps with EPA wastewater compliance and wastewater pollutant mitigation. All our products are made in America.

We are lucky to be able to work with our distributors so closely so that we can give our clients the best possible solutions for their rooftop grease containment system. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with them is how Omni prefers to operate. If you have any questions regarding Omni Containment System’s products, contact us today. We would be happy to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you on your next order of our NFPA 96 code-compliant products and equipment.