Hood and duct cleaning companies are leaving a lot of dollars on the table. One of the biggest reasons these dollars go unclaimed is because companies rarely maximize their potential while working with each individual client. Opportunities for add-on services are overlooked constantly. Additionally, resources like social media, an attractive and informative website, and potential allies, such as fire marshals and AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction), are underutilized. Your friends at Omni Containment Systems want to help you tap into the unclaimed revenue.

Add New Services

Are there any services your clients might need that you aren’t currently offering? For example, power washing the sidewalk and surrounding area of the restaurant, including the building or windows. You can also check the parking lot for grease spills, gum, and other unsightly messes. You can check places like the grease dumpster corral for grease; areas like these are often left a mess and may be in violation of EPA or other codes.

You might consider starting a filter cleaning and/or exchange program. Then, you have all your duct system and rooftop possibilities, such as installing access doors every twelve feet or at changes in direction, installing hinge kits to provide safe access for service personnel, and installing proper grease containment systems to prevent rooftops from becoming greasy and dangerous. If there is already a grease containment system in place, check the absorbent filters to see if they need to be replaced. Be sure to carry Grease Away with you to every client, just in case there is a spill you can take care of.

Get Digital

Are you already active on social media to educate customers on your company and the industry? Being involved in social media allows you to share your expertise, join discussions, and help anyone who has questions regarding the industry or your company. You can position yourself and your company as experts in your field. You will certainly want to consider having a website as well. If you already have one, be sure to look it over to keep it fresh and new with the latest and greatest information about your company and industry. Outdated websites don’t receive as many visitors as modern websites. You will want to ensure your site is easy to navigate, has useful information, and keeps visitor’s attention.

Ask for Referrals

One main source of business that can be overlooked is referrals. If you are doing a great job for a franchise owner, they may know other franchise owners who have restaurants in the territory you cover and can introduce you. Don’t be afraid to ask happy and satisfied customers for referrals or to refer you to their colleagues. When they are happy with your work, they are usually glad to help out. Finally, get to know the AHJs in your area. Educate them on NFPA 96 and the possible dangers that can happen when codes aren’t followed or enforced. AHJs can be a great ally and resource, so it should be a top priority to make their acquaintance.


There are many ways to increase the income of your company! These are just a few of them. You and your team will have to get creative to think of more. Encourage your crews to be on the lookout for any opportunities to provide additional needed services to your customers and be sure to reward your employees when they do so. Even if you implement these few ideas, you will see results and profit! Do you have any ideas to add to this blog to help other hood and duct cleaning companies? Email Skip Lewis!