When cleaning a commercial kitchen hood, the proper equipment and cleaning products are essential for a thorough and code-compliant outcome. At Omni Containment Systems, we engineer products that empower our clients to exceed their expectations for containing fats, oils, and grease. We also cater to mechanical needs through economically viable and environmentally responsible solutions. The most sought-after products from Omni Containment Systems in 2023, as indicated by the sales report analysis, are as follows:


  • Since its release, the IFOAM COMPACT has become a highly coveted item, particularly favored by kitchen exhaust cleaners working in challenging locations like rooftops.
  • Purposefully designed to be lightweight and portable, this machine regulates degreasing foam parameters, ensuring optimal adherence of the chemical to any surface.
  • With a simple button push, the IFOAM COMPACT applies the active foam, COMEGRAS, reducing waste compared to other chemicals that may require reapplication.


  • Addressing the crucial need for maximum portability in duct cleaning, the IBRUSH stands out in 2023 for its effectiveness in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • Meticulously designed to be lightweight and easily portable, it can be connected to the IFOAM COMPACT active foam generator for efficient duct cleaning.
  • Featuring a built-in compressor and being entirely electric, the IBRUSH is ideal for locations with restricted accessibility.


  • Recognizing that stability, safety, and compliance are top priorities for kitchen exhaust cleaners when choosing hinge solutions, the Quick-Fit Super Hinge has led the way in 2023.
  • Known for its ease of installation, the quick-fit style super hinges allow for single-user installation without requiring the shutdown of up-blast fans.
  • The unique tab-based upper arm mounting system securely grips the fan walls, providing a strong anchor without turning off the fan.


  • Standing out in 2023 for its versatility, the Roof Guardian is a unique grease containment system suitable for both Upblast Kitchen Exhaust Fans and Industrial Set Type Fans.
  • Unlike similar systems attached directly to the roof, the Roof Guardian is mounted on short legs, staying off the roof for enhanced effectiveness.


  • Essential for maintaining a clean and grease-free space, Fill-More Grease Booms are crafted with environmental considerations.
  • Featuring hydrophobic filter technology in the Grease Gutter, Grease Gutter Sidekick, and Grease Box, these products are zero waste, biodegradable, and made from recycled materials.
  • Meeting EPA Storm Water Management requirements, the filters absorb all grease output without retaining water, contributing to a safe and compliant rooftop.

These products from Omni Containment Systems have earned acclaim and positive feedback, solidifying their position as the most sought-after offerings in 2023. If you are curious about Omni Containment System’s products, please get in touch. We are here to guide and educate you on our range of products and equipment.