Here at Omni Containment Systems, we have over 900 distributors in our network. However, we may be a little different than other companies who have distributors in their networks; this is because we actively try to work with our distributors, shoulder to shoulder. One of our philosophies is not only to create products that will help keep people safe, but we also like to actively be a part of the safety-creating process. And this means working closely with everyone in our network.

Having these deep connecting relationships with our distributors ensures a number of things. First, it ensures that we can train them on the uses of all of our products, old and new. Second, our open communication allows us to receive information about problems on rooftop grease containment systems that may not have a solution yet; this helps us get our creative juices flowing so that we can try to create a new product that will help that client and maybe even future clients. Last, it ensures that we sell the correct products to the right people. By doing this, we can work shoulder to shoulder with our distributors to create the perfect solution to fit any rooftop.

It’s important to understand that every rooftop grease containment system is like a snowflake; they are all different. Because they are all different, they all need different solutions. That is why Omni has so many different products. We are able to use our various products in several different combinations in order to provide the safest and easiest solutions to all rooftop systems. This is probably our favorite part of getting to work so closely with our distributors.

We currently have seven different solutions for rooftop grease containment. These seven solutions can be combined in various ways to protect all roofs from grease contamination. For example: we could combine a Grease Box™ with a Roof Guardian™. We could also use our Grease Away™ to emulsify liquid grease before applying any of our solutions; you should always ensure you have a clean roof, free of grease, before installing any of our systems.

Other distributors only provide one or two solutions to their clients and assume that these one or two solutions will work for everyone; however, this isn’t the case. That is why we have seven different solutions to combine to fit our clients’ different needs. Two of our distributors, East Texas Hoods Works and Czartekk Industrial Services, can attest to this.

We are lucky to be able to work with our distributors so closely to give our clients the best solutions for their rooftop grease containment system. Working shoulder to shoulder with them is how Omni prefers to operate.