Teinnova tools are the perfect way to get back time and money for your kitchen exhaust cleaning company. Omni Containment Systems is the only North American distributor of the Tegras System, by Teinnova. We started our partnership in 2017 to bring our clients the best in kitchen exhaust cleaning equipment. This year, we’ve discussed at length the benefits of using the Tegras concept for your kitchen exhaust cleanings. In this blog, we want to highlight each of the Teinnova tools and explain their purpose.

Duct Brushing Robots


Teinnova states, “Multipro is the most technologically advanced robot in the Tegras line. Unlike other models, Multipro lets you integrate a video-inspection system and Visiogras conduit views. It also offers the choice of working remotely through a remote controller, so that cleaning work can be carried out by just one person.” Additionally, the hose can reach up to 98 feet of duct and it weighs roughly 180 lbs. The Multipro is a great addition if you want to save time and money during your next kitchen exhaust cleaning.


The Forte is roughly the same duct brushing robot as the Multipro with slight differences. For one, it is slightly smaller and lighter than the Multipro, weighing 172 lbs. Additionally, its hose can reach through 82 feet of duct rather than 98 feet of duct. Finally, the Forte does not come equipped with Visiogras. Visiogras is the display screen on the Multipro that allows the user to see inside the duct through a camera that is on the tip of the brush.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Filnet Ultrasonic B300 & Filnet Ultrasonic B100

Teinnova’s line of ultrasonic cleaning equipment adds an additional service to your kitchen exhaust cleaning company. This technology allows you to safely and effectively clean kitchen filters and equipment, like frying pans, trays, pots, frying baskets, grills, and burners. These systems are meant to clean kitchenware quickly and with ease. Both products are portable but have very different sizing.

B300: 79 gallons & approx. 41 in x 32 in x 43 in

B100: 26 gallons & approx. 31.5 in x 21 in x 42 in

Active Foam Generators

iFoam Pro

This is the part of the Tegras concept that allows you to get the active chemical, Comegras, into the duct system. You hook up the active foam generator to the duct brushing robot, and you’ll be ready to clean ducts in no time. You use the lance (reaching 26 feet) to rinse and spread foam. Additionally, the lance tip bends, giving easier access to everything in the hood, duct, and plenum. The largest difference between the iFoam Pro and iFoam Mini is that with the Pro, you get everything you need in one machine. That means that the Pro doesn’t need to have a separate air compressor because the air compressor is actually built into the system. Finally, the Pro has a built-in touch screen and remote, making control seamless. The Pro weighs approximately 147 lbs and its dimensions are approximately 22.5 in x 16 in x 44.5 in.

iFoam Mini

The iFoam Mini serves the same purpose as the Pro, however it must be purchased with a generator because it does not have one built in. Teinnova recommends using the AR-10 as the compressor for the Mini. It does not have a touch screen or remote but uses a simple control panel on the front. The lance reaches approximately 16 feet and weighs 40 lbs without the Comegras chemical bag-in-the-box. Its dimensions are approximately 15.5 in x 15 in x 36 in.

Measuring Equipment


The Grasmeter is a digital tool used to measure the depth of grease build up in a kitchen exhaust system. This makes it a perfect tool for determining the type of cleaning you will have to perform at the beginning of a job. Teinnova states, “Ergonomic design. External probe to make measuring easier. Instant readings in real time. Large measurement range. Template for surfaces. Standard calibrations. Membrane keypad. Bluetooth data transfer. Data analysis software.”

Air Generators

AR 10

The AR 10 is compatible with the iFoam Mini.

AR 16

The AR 16 is compatible with the Forte and Multipro.

AR 18

The AR 18 is compatible with the Forte and Multipro.

AR 20 

The AR 20 is compatible with both the Forte and Multipro. This compressor uses a patented paddle system, described by Teinnova as, “A patented system of sliding ‘paddles’ which produce a large volume of air and high air pressure. Self-cooling, it can operate for 24 hours at a time.”


Teinnova tools are among the best in the world for kitchen exhaust cleaning companies to utilize if they want to save time and money. With the time saved, more restaurants can be cleaned, thus making more money for your business. Read more about saving time with the Tegras concept in this blog. If you are ready to take your kitchen exhaust cleaning business to the next level, contact an Omni Containment Systems team member. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect tools to elevate your business.