Kitchen exhaust cleaning is typically performed by hand with some help from machines, such as sprayers or power washers. This process can take quite a bit of time with setup alone. The parts that you can automate can provide a massive time savings. The amount of time saved also saves you money and opens the door to scheduling more clients in one day’s work. This is where Tegras comes in.

The Tegras concept speeds up the entire kitchen exhaust cleaning process, almost to the point where it could be considered automated cleaning. The combination of active foam, mechanical brush, and compressed air speeds up the entire kitchen exhaust cleaning process while making it easier. The champion of this entire process is the Tegras chemical, comegras.

Comegras is an extremely effective, heavy duty foam. It clings to grease, actively degrading it and pulling it down off duct walls. The thickness of the chemical usually allows for only one application, but multiple applications can be necessary. Additionally, it’s much safer to work with than traditional chemicals. It’s a “bag-in-a-box” technology, bypassing the dangerous process of mixing chemicals, automating another process for all kitchen exhaust cleaners. It allows you to simply insert the box into an ifoam pro prior to use.

In a typical cleaning where chemicals similar to this are used, you need to grab your pump-up sprayer and climb onto the range to apply the chemical. You may also need to refill your sprayer, re-pump, and then apply more chemical. If the process doesn’t completely rid the hood of grease once rinsed, you may need to reapply the chemical and repeat the process. With the Tegras concept and ifoam pro, you simply push the foam button on either the control panel or remote control and the brush sprays out the chemical while cutting into the grease, allowing it to clean from within. Once the chemical is applied as a foam, it dwells and is then rinsed away. There is no need to change tools. You may need to repeat the process, but you do so without the extra steps.

The ifoam pro also helps automate the process by eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment. It changes from foamer to pressure washing unit at the touch of a button. Included in the ifoam pro is an adjustable lance that eliminates the need to stop constantly and adjust the angled tip or reposition for a better angle. The lance can adjust between 20 and 140 degrees.

The Tegras system does have a significant initial investment, however it speeds up your time on location and allows for additional jobs to be scheduled. By potentially increasing your capacity to complete jobs in a single day, the investment in the Tegras system will pay for itself. The win from the process of automation, plus the time savings, makes the Tegras concept well worth it. If you have any questions regarding the process, the Tegras system, or how this concept can help your company, reach out to our sales team here.