Ease of access is really important in commercial cooking operation exhaust cleaning. One of the biggest issues for maintenance professionals in the duct cleaning business is not having good access to the duct. If a duct can’t be accessed easily, the duct can’t be cleaned as easily. Because of this issue, the NFPA created a standard all commercial cooking operations have to follow. According to the NFPA Standard, “Openings shall be provided at the sides or at the top of the duct, whichever is more accessible, and at a change of direction”, and, “Openings large enough to permit thorough cleaning shall be provided at 3.7 m (12 ft) intervals”.

Omni Access Doors exceed the 1800 degree NFPA 96 Standard fire rating. Our duct access doors have a 2300-degree fire rating. That is drastically higher than the minimum requirement. They also prevent all smoke and fire up to 2700 Degrees F. We design all of our products with the goal of helping commercial cooking operations reach NFPA Standard compliance.

Why is ease of opening such an important thing to consider when selecting a duct access door? Maintenance professionals that clean ducts for commercial cooking operations often have to open access doors that require unscrewing wing nuts or other small parts while their hands are coated in grease! This means small parts slip out of their hands and fall down the ducts. Losing part of an access door is a huge issue because it means the duct is left open and the grease can leak out and cause damage. The maintenance professional may have an extra wing nut that fits the duct access door to seal it, but if they don’t you have will have multiple problems on your hands.

Omni access doors are entirely toolless. Our patented “Cam-Lock” design means there are no wing nuts to juggle with grease coated hands. Our Access ArmorTM duct access doors can be easily opened and closed by hand. We also designed our doors to be octagon shaped in order to reduce the risk of injury to the maintenance professional cleaning the duct. No additional tools are needed while in the ceiling, no wing nuts or other hardware will go missing. You know what that means? Less damage because Omni access doors are easily closed! You won’t lose small pieces because everything is attached!

We offer duct access doors in five different sizes to meet your needs. The sizes we offer are 9”x12”, 12”x15”, 15”x18”, 23”x23” and 9”x36”. The 9”x36” was specially designed to allow for easier scraper tool access into the duct. These sizes are proportional to the most common sizes of ducts that we work with. Typically, the larger the opening, the more easily it can be accessed. Our range of sizes is meant to make cleaning the ducts of commercial cooking operations easier and faster. If you would like to find out more information, or place an order, give us a call at (877) 226-6824.