Having the proper grease containment for your rooftop is vital to preventing fires, protecting the roof membrane, ensuring slips and falls are minimized, and preventing grease from washing into waterways (which in some municipalities can result in a hefty fine from the EPA). For these reasons, restaurant owners and managers need to examine their current grease containment system to determine if it’s time for an upgrade. If your system is old or there isn’t one at all, it’s time to invest in better grease containment.

Fire Protection

Protecting your establishments, employees, and patrons from the risks and devastation of fire is the number one reason to invest in better grease containment. If left without proper containment systems or when not cleaned frequently enough, kitchen exhaust systems will experience a buildup of grease within the system and on the rooftop. Grease is the perfect fire fuel, and all it takes is one spark to ignite your entire system. Once this fire starts, there is no telling how much damage it will cause. It could burn down your entire establishment, and if you’re not in a standalone building, it has the potential to damage other establishments as well. This can cost thousands of dollars and may even injure someone in the process. Avoiding a fire is the number one reason to invest in better grease containment.

Roof Protection

Much like protecting your entire establishment from the damages of fire, better grease containment can also protect your rooftop. Fire isn’t the only destructive event; grease is acidic, so when your rooftop lacks proper grease containment, the grease will begin to pool on your rooftop. This grease can deteriorate your rooftop’s membrane which can expose your roof to floods when it rains and possibly void your warranty. Once the warranty is voided, these repairs can cost thousands of dollars and may close your establishment while being repaired. If you think your rooftop has grease spilled on it, you can use our revolutionary product Grease Away to easily rinse grease off rooftops in an environmentally friendly way. Simply sprinkle the powder on the grease, allow it to emulsify for a few days, and either wash it away with a hose or the next rainfall.

Fall Protection

The third reason to invest in better grease containment is to protect those who go onto your rooftop for kitchen exhaust cleaning. If you don’t have adequate grease containment on your rooftop already, there is surely grease accumulation which can be a slip and fall hazard. This is dangerous for anyone walking on the rooftop. If anyone slips on your roof due to inadequate equipment, it is very possible that you can be sued for injuries, especially if it is one of your employees. Cover your bases, keep people safe, and invest in better grease containment today.

Environmental Protection

Just as rain can safely wash away Grease Away from your rooftop, it can also wash grease into stormwater drains if there is not adequate grease containment on your rooftop. This damages the environment by going into storm drains, pooling around sidewalks and plants, and can even cause unsightly grease stains down the side of your building. You can protect your establishment, your people, and the environment by investing in proper grease containment.

Grease containment systems are meant to protect your investment, employees, customers, and service workers from the damages of grease. While grease containment and hinges are an investment upfront, they can save you thousands of dollars long term. If you don’t know where to start, our team would be happy to assist you. Our goal is to protect people and property from the devastation of fire with our revolutionary grease containment products. Contact an Omni Containment Systems team member today to discuss your grease containment needs.