Omni Containment Systems’ founder, Kevin Chwala, originally started as a kitchen exhaust cleaner in 1984. While performing his kitchen exhaust cleaning services, Kevin noticed a common rooftop problem: they were flooded with grease. He knew that this grease was not only a fire hazard, but it was also damaging rooftops. Kevin decided to innovate a solution to help kitchen exhaust cleaners solve these rooftop grease containment issues.

Later, Omni Containment Systems, LLC was created, and Kevin went on to patent seven industry-specific innovations for grease containment, including exhaust fan hinges and grease duct access panels. Omni Containment Systems carries on this history of innovation. Our goal at Omni is to provide products that will help keep restaurants and people safe, are easy-to-use, and remain efficient. Several of our products help kitchen exhaust cleaners minimize their time spent during their typical cleanings. Our innovations make the hardest cleaning jobs easy, including:

  1. Grease Containment Systems

This was the first innovation of Omni Containment Systems! Kevin saw the need and introduced to the kitchen exhaust and restaurant industries the most effective grease containment system. To this day, Omni Containment Systems protects over 20,000 restaurants and food processing facilities around the world with our grease containment systems. Because no rooftop is the same, we have five grease containment systems that can be fitted to a facility’s unique rooftop situation. Professionals have the option to equip fans with our Grease Box, Grease Gutter Sidekick, High-Capacity Grease Gutter, Exhaust Fan Interceptor, or the Roof Guardian. All of these revolutionary products are NFPA 96 compliant and feature off the rooftop protection.

  1. Fan Hinges

Our patented Super Hinge and QuickFit Super Hinge are the only NFPA 96 compliant hinges on the market. Hinges are necessary for the safety of service personnel involved with cleaning the exhaust system, fan, and rooftop. Those exhaust fans can weigh anywhere from 50 lbs to a few hundred lbs. If there is no hinge kit, the fan must be lifted off the curb. A hinge kit, besides keeping service providers safe, also makes their job much easier to do and in significantly less time. Plus, there is less likelihood of rooftop damage.

  1. Access Panels

When Kevin designed the Super Hinges for Omni Containment Systems, they were so well received by the KEC industry that he was asked to develop an access panel. So, Kevin patented an access door that is entirely toolless with a “Cam-Lock” design, meaning there are no wing nuts to juggle with grease-coated hands. Our Access ArmorTM duct access doors can be easily opened and closed by hand. He also designed our doors to be octagon-shaped to reduce the risk of injury to the maintenance professional cleaning the duct. No additional tools are needed while in the ceiling, no wing nuts or other hardware will go missing.

Most recently, our partnership with Teinnova directly corresponds to our goal of innovation. The Tegras concept helps our clients minimize their time spent at each KEC cleaning, is easy to use, protects their team, and saves them money. This spirit of innovation is what attracted Omni Containment Systems to be the sole North American distributor of the Tegras hood cleaning system. Teinnova’s research and development team is constantly innovating to offer the highest quality kitchen exhaust cleaning equipment with the latest technologies. When you obtain the Tegras system, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your machine is going to save you time and money, and that, in itself, is priceless.

The Tegras concept speeds up the entire kitchen exhaust cleaning process, almost to the point where it could be considered automated cleaning. The combination of active foam, mechanical brush, and compressed air speed up the entire kitchen exhaust cleaning process while making it easier. Additional benefits include:

  • Heavy-duty, thick foam (chemical): Clings to grease and safe to work with
  • No need to change tools between use: Eliminates need for multiple pieces of equipment
  • Adjustable lance: Adjusts between 20 and 140 degrees
  • Less time spent: More money earned and more time for new clients
  • Small: Portable and relatively lightweight (180 lbs or less)
  • Accessible: Reach and clean all vertical and horizontal areas of the kitchen exhaust duct system

Omni Containment Systems is proud of our partnership with the Spanish manufacturing company, Teinnova, and we look forward to many years of future innovation with them. Omni Containment Systems’ line of kitchen exhaust cleaning innovations is the perfect way to get back more time and money for your company. With the time saved, more restaurants can be cleaned, helping to make your business more money. If you are ready to take your kitchen exhaust cleaning business to the next level, contact an Omni Containment Systems team member. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect innovation to help elevate your business.