Omni Containment Systems is excited to announce the recent release of new equipment and designs from our partner, Teinnova! This partnership offers technology for our clients to help them minimize their time spent at each KEC cleaning, protects their team, and saves them money. The Teinnova “spirit of innovation” is what attracted Omni Containment Systems to be the sole North American distributor of the kitchen exhaust cleaning equipment: Tegras North America. Teinnova’s research and development team have been relentlessly innovating to offer the highest quality equipment for 2022.

Their recent release of new equipment and designs are beyond impressive with the latest technologies. In fact, 25% of Teinnova’s staff is dedicated to research and development to ensure they are continuously improving existing solutions and innovating new ones. The 2022 Tegras equipment line up was designed with the kitchen exhaust cleaner in mind with brand new features on existing equipment as well as brand-new equipment that is a perfect addition to the Tegras concept!

iFoam 2022 Video

iFoam 2022

The iFoam is a brand-new, innovative design that transformed the iFoam Mini/iFoam Pro into a compact and portable version. Now when you need to apply the Comegras active foam, but have limited access, this compact design is your answer! You do not have to worry about a compressor because now it is built-in. With a built-in compressor, you only need a water and power source to produce the highly effective Comegras active foam. It features a simplified control panel with on/off, foaming, and rinsing action buttons. The new iFoam design nearly doubled the lance reach from 16 feet to 26 feet and went from 40 lbs to 37 lbs! The dimensions are approximately 18 in x 20.6 in x 8.5 in.

iFoam Pro 2022 Video

iFoam Pro 2022

The iFoam Pro is the heartbeat of the Tegras concept. This equipment applies the active chemical, Comegras, to clean hoods, plenums, and exhaust system motors in a single unit. It automatically regulates all the parameters of the degreasing foam generation, guaranteeing perfect adherence of the chemical to any surface to effectively dissolve grease. The iFoam Pro rinses and foams at high pressure (150 bar = 2175 Psi). The iFoam Pro has everything you need in one machine. That means that you don’t need a separate air compressor because the air compressor is built into the system. The iFoam Pro’s latest design added to the Rotojet lance reach from 26 feet to 32 feet! It features a simplified control panel with on/off, foaming, rinsing, and a new ECO selector that saves chemical in low-grease cleanings. The new design shaved some weight, going from 147 lbs to 121 lbs and its dimensions are approximately 22.5 in x 17 in x 41 in.

iBrush 2022 Video

iBrush 2022

Teinnova delivered the perfect new addition to the Tegras concept; meet the iBrush! The iBrush is a brand-new innovative design that transformed the MultiPro/Forte into a compact and portable version. Hook up the new iFoam active foam generator to the iBrush duct brushing robot and you’ll be ready to clean ducts in no time! It also features a built-in compressor, so you don’t have worry about that power source. It is completely electric, making it ideal for use in places with limited accessibility. It features a simplified control panel with on/off, direction of rotation, and rinsing action buttons with wrist remote control. The new iBrush has a reach up to 24.6 ft and the dimensions are approximately 17 in x 18 in x 8.5 in.

Multipro 2022 Video

Multipro 2022

The Multipro was already the most technologically advanced robot in the Tegras line; now, the pneumatic brushing system has become even more cutting-edge! Unlike other models, Multipro lets you integrate a video-inspection system and conduit views. Teinnova has upgraded the 2022 version to a self-leveling camera system that always provides upright images even when the camera is tilted; now you can inspect and clean at the same time! It also offers the choice of working remotely through a wrist remote control. The most advanced design change in the Multipro 2022 is the integrate foam system. In the previous version, the Multipro required the iFoam Pro to distribute the Comegras foam throughout the ductwork. The 2022 version generates the active foam that adheres to the entire duct surface. There is no need for additional equipment! The latest design also shaved some weight, going from 180 lbs. to 161 lbs. and its dimensions are approximately 46 in x 49 in x 17 in.

The Tegras concept is designed to save time by automating the kitchen exhaust cleaning process. Our partnership with Teinnova offers the most advanced technology to our clients in North America. As a kitchen exhaust cleaner, you want to ensure that not only are your customers happy, but their spaces are free of grease. The easier that job is for you and your employees, the better. When you receive your Tegras equipment, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your machine is going to save you time and money, and these latest advancements make the process even easier! Contact Omni Containment Systems today to learn more about how the Tegras concept can help your business grow or if would like further information on the new equipment.