Restaurants have enough things to worry about, they shouldn’t be worried about rooftop grease issues. The reality is that paying for a new roof will be expensive and rooftop grease issues can ruin your restaurant if they go unattended. We’ve included 3 exorbitant ways that rooftop grease issues are going to ruin your restaurant. They are easily preventable with a quality grease containment system and proper upkeep.

Roof Repairs

Many restaurants incur high expenses to repair roofs damaged from rooftop grease issues. Taking a proactive stance on rooftop grease containment can save you hours of clean up time, not to mention a significant amount of money from repair costs. Preventing grease from pooling on your rooftop is the first step towards protecting your roof from unnecessary or premature repairs. After you find and fix the source of the grease leakage, use a biodegradable grease emulsifier, like the Grease Away, to quickly and easily clean up the F.O.G. After you apply the Grease Away, the rain water washes the F.O.G. away!

Roof Replacement

Rooftop grease issues can also lead to expensive premature roof replacement, costing you thousands! Ouch! The best preventative measure is installing an off-the-roof grease containment system and performing routine maintenance. Off-the-roof systems do not trap grease between the containment unit and the roofing material. This decreases the likelihood of roof material replacement. Off-the-roof systems also save time during roof inspections. With an off-the-roof system, you do not have to disassemble the containment unit to see the underlying roof.

EPA Fines

The EPA has established clean water mandates such as the Clean Water Act of 1972 to regulate discharges of pollutants and ensure standards for surface water. This is an important reason to have a containment system with a hydrophobic filter media that only absorbs grease and not water. In addition, choosing these filters can also mean less frequent replacement because they are designed to only absorb grease and therefore become saturated less quickly. A single grease containment system can prevent up to 600 gallons of caustic chemicals from entering the storm system per year (based on a quarterly exhaust cleaning schedule).

Earth Conscious

We are working towards making all our products more Earth conscious because we care about the environment! Materials used in the production of grease containment have become vastly more ecofriendly over the past few years and we are trying to further this effort by using recycled materials in many of our filter products to lessen our global footprint.

Our Off-the-Roof Omni Grease Containment Systems help prevent these issues!

Omni Containment has 5 off-the-roof containment systems that prevent grease from pooling on your rooftop with proper maintenance. Our products include:

What makes each of these products unique is the engineering behind them. We design products with NFPA compliance in mind and work with you to fit your grease containment needs. If you think we could be a good fit please call (877) 226-6824.