Are your kitchen exhaust systems NFPA 96 compliant? Do you know what your current grease (fuel) load is within your system? How does one measure grease build up, or even know when it exceeds safe levels? The NFPA 96 2014 Edition A.11.6.2 states that hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts and other appurtenances should be cleaned to remove combustible contaminants to a minimum of 50 pm (0.002 in). Okay, so how do we know when to clean? A measurement system of deposition should be established to trigger a need to clean. So, the Omni Grease Comb was envisioned.

“The method of measurment is a depth gauge comb which is scraped along the duct surface.” The NFPA 96 2014 edition states, a measured depth of 2000pm (0.078) indicated the need to remove the deposition risk. The Omni Stainless Steel Grease Comb measures 3 levels of cleanliness: acceptable – 50 microns (0.002 in), cleaning required – 2000 microns (0.078 In.), and critical levels – 3175 microns (0.125 In). Grease combs are a must have for individuals who are cleaning and/or inspecting kitchen exhaust systems such as Fire Marshals, Facility Managers, IKECA Certified Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaners, and any authorities having jurisdiction of the systems.

Okay, so why the Omni Grease Comb?

  • The Omni Grease Comb is made from (301) stainless steel and will not snap when dragging through tough grease

  • When dragging the stainless steel comb against metal it will provide a more accurate reading

  • The Omni Grease Comb will not wear over time from use or be damaged by caustic chemicals

  • The Omni Grease Comb is easy to clean

  • The Omni Grease Comb is a great product to leave behind with larger clients

The Omni Grease Comb has been an instant success since it was rolled out at the IKECA Conference in Houston last November. We have had many hood and duct firms ask about branding the Omni Grease Comb, and Omni came through. Please contact us at to learn more about adding your branding to the Omni Grease Comb.  The new Stainless Steel Omni Grease Comb: When in Doubt… Drag it Out!

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