A new year has arrived and with that the hope of happiness, good health, prosperity, and for many of us, resolutions to make changes that better our lives and the lives of those we love. One of the resolutions we are all committed to at Omni, not just on New Year’s Day but every day, is to provide the best products, service, and customer experience we possibly can. Here are some of the ways we intend to achieve that goal.

We are completely dedicated to prompt delivery of product orders. We ship orders the same day they are placed over 85% of the time. Orders that are placed late in the day go out the following day. There are occasional exceptions that occur. One example would be orders for custom made items, such as non-standard sized Roof Guardian units or customized Super Hinges for fans that have unusual requirements. We do our best to provide an anticipated shipping date for orders like this and inform our customers of any new developments. Another instance where shipments could be delayed is a depletion of a particular item. The only occasion when this might happen is if we receive a large order or a number of orders for a certain product. Again, we keep our customers informed when these rare instances occur and do all we can to restock our inventory as quickly as possible. Our amazing shipping department, which doubles as inventory stocker and a few dozen other functions, is second to no one!

Another commitment of Omni’s is to provide products that not only solve problems in the hood cleaning industry, but are also easy to install and service. Installation instructions are included with every product we ship. We have step-by-step installation videos for most of our products on our website. We supply templates for simple Access Armor access door installations as well as our “print n fit” fan measurement forms to make it easy to choose the right Super Hinge for the job. If you are on-site doing an installation and run into a problem, you can call our office at 847-468-1772 and we will do our best to figure it out. The best product in the world isn’t much help if no one knows how it works or how to install it. We strive to make sure Omni products are user friendly.

Omni has informative brochures on every product in our line. We are happy to e-mail any or all of these brochures to any person or company who wishes to promote our products. In fact, we will take it a step further and customize our brochures with your company logo and contact information at no charge.

Finally, we welcome suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism as to how we can improve our products and services. If you have anything you would like to say, please comment below! Input from our customers has motivated us to create some of our best products, including our large 23” x 23” Access Armor access door and our 9” x 36” scraper door. Another example is our Easy Clean Super Hinge. Not long ago, a few of our customers suggested that we come up with a duct grease depth measurement device that would be more durable than the plastic ones that are predominantly used and don’t last long. Those requests led to the most recent addition to the Omni product line, the Omni Grease Comb. We will be featuring the Grease Comb in our next blog, so be sure to check that out and learn about this useful new addition to the hood and duct cleaner’s tool kit. We wish you all a wonderful 2018 and are grateful that you take the time to read our blog!