It starts with taking the right pictures and measurements. If you take all of the suggested measurements for your type of fan, the process of finding the right hinge will be much smoother. Obtaining the proper measurements is crucial! Without the proper measurements, the size of the hinge required cannot be determined effectively. The more measurements that are given, the better the Omni Containment Systems team can find the perfect hinge for you! Since there are several types of fan styles, different sets of measurements are required. At the end of this blog you’ll find our new hinge questionnaire, which allows our team to assist you in determining which hinge will best meet your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a hinging solution for your unique situation and having proper measurements and pictures helps us do that.

Taking the necessary pictures can go a long way to helping us find the right hinge for your kitchen exhaust system. Typically, a minimum of 3 different pictures are required. Here is an example of 3 great pictures we have received.

The first in an example of a great shot that includes the whole fan from just a couple of feet away at an angle that shows two sides of the fan as well as the duct work it sits on. This is a good image because it helps us get a good idea of which hinge model may work well for your situation. One of the main reasons a shot like this is so helpful is that it helps our team see possibilities of how the fan will open.

The next example is a picture that shows an abnormality in the hinge mounting area. An abnormality would be any characteristic that varies from system to system that we may need to consider when selecting a hinge. It is especially important for our team, here at Omni Containment Systems, to know about any abnormalities or obstructions in your exhaust system so that we know what we may need to work around to provide you with the best hinging solution for your unique exhaust system. In this scenario, it shows the support legs that may not allow the lower arms to be installed flush to the duct work.

The third picture taken should be similar to the one below; it shows the entirety of the fan and even a little space around it. A picture like this will give us an overall view of the system and helps us determine what hinge will work for your grease containment situation.

Taking the proper pictures helps us help you. Here at Omni Containment Systems, our mission is to create a solution that fits your specific situation. A minimum of three images are typically requested, one of the fan, one of the fan including the space around it, and any abnormalities. Taking proper pictures helps ensure that we are aware of how the fan should open and what the optimum hinge placement would be. Taking these steps helps us help you!

A set of good pictures that clearly shows all obstructions, as well as multiple angles of the fan will save you time and money in not needing to return to the job site for additional measurements and photos. Remember, you are the eyes of our engineering support staff. Training your team to provide pictures and proper measurements will ensure that you get the proper hinge. Every time.

Check out our new hinge questionnaire by clicking on the button below. This is where you will go to submit your measurements and 3 pictures to our team so that we can assist you. As always if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call!