Which Hinge Do I Need?

We’re here to help you select the right Omni hinge for your fan, but first we need some additional information. Please select the type of fan you have, and then provide us with your fan’s measurements. To provide you with our best possible recommendation we kindly ask that you provide us with three pictures of your fan so that we can note any factors that need to be taken into consideration. Please see the pictures we have provided below as examples. You will also find our hinge sizing chart that depicts the hinge we typically recommend based on the size of your fan base.

Typical Fan

Reduced Fan Base

Tapered Duct

Side Wall Fan

Mismatched Curb

Suggested Hinge Model Size of Fan Base
Econo Hinge 12″ or less
QF-12 (Provides 6″ of Coverage) 8″ – 12″
QF-18 (Provides 12″ of Coverage) 12″ – 18″
QF-24 (Provides 18″ of Coverage) 18″ – 28″
QF-30 (Provides 24″ of Coverage) 24″ – 36″
*QF-36 (Provides 30″ of Coverage) 30″ – 35″
SH-14 (Provides 10″ of Coverage) 10″ – 15″
SH-18 (Provides 12″ of Coverage) 12″ – 18″
SH-24 (Provides 18″ of Coverage) 18″ – 27″
SH-30 (Provides 24″ of Coverage) 24″ – 36″
*SH-36 (Provides 30″ of Coverage) 30″ – 45″
*SH-42 (Provides 36″ of Coverage) 36″ – 54″
*SH-48 (Provides 42″ of Coverage) 42″ – 63″

*When hinging larger fans with bases that exceed 36″ or extremely heavy fans, it is strongly recommended to hinge the complete base of the fan and install our heavy-duty chain support kit. 30″ hinges and larger come with the HD Chain Kit for additional support. If you purchase a hinge under 30″ and would like an HD Chain Kit for $25, please let your sales representative know when you place your order.

Picture Examples

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