In previous blogs, we have talked about Omni’s role in developing new grease containment systems. The innovative and effective solutions that Omni has engineered have kept rooftops safe, grease free, and have made the job of service providers so much easier. The key to our grease containment systems is the absorbent media (or filter) that is placed in our systems and does most of the work. Here is a brief history of Omni’s filters and the changes and improvements we’ve made over the years.

The picture above shows our first grease containment system, the original Grease Gutter®. The original Grease Gutter® was a 4-inch-wide gutter and had 4 separate filters in each gutter length. These were standard oil absorbent pads and were nonhydrophobic. We found that although the original Grease Gutter® and the filters inside did a great job absorbing grease on restaurant fans that generated small to moderate amounts of grease, those that spewed heavy amounts of grease overwhelmed the original gutter and its filters. So, the Omni Containment engineering team thought of a solution!

Omni enlarged the Grease Gutter® so it was now an 8-inch-wide gutter. This unit was called the High Capacity Grease Gutter®. It required a different filter solution. Our first was a multi-layer pad system as you see in this picture. It worked fine when installed correctly. It was a bit complicated though, as the various pads had to be installed in a particular order. The overlapping involved required precision. A simpler solution was necessary that left less room for error. So, the engineering team at Omni Containment went back to the drawing board.

What they came up with was the Fill-More Grease Boom™. It is a simple to install, one-piece filter. This new filter absorbs eight times its weight in Fat, Oil and Grease or FOG and has a fantastic new feature; this filter is hydrophobic which means it absorbs FOG and repels water. This leads to fewer filter changes because the Fill-More Boom™ will not become saturated with water after a rainstorm. Once it is ready to be replaced, it can be removed and a fresh filter installed in ten minutes or less.

The Fill-More Grease Boom™ has spawned an entire line of replacement filters using the same advanced technology as the Fill-More Grease Boom™. This technology is used in our Grease Box product line as well as OEM replacement filters for many common containment systems such as the Drip-Loc® containment system as well as a drop-in filter for factory drip boxes that come with fans.

At Omni Containment, we are constantly expanding our Fill-More™ filter line.  Much of this comes from working hand-in-hand with our distributors and end users. The engineering team at Omni Containment is always available to work on a solution for your specific needs. Just contact us at or at! You can also reach our team by calling 847-468-1772!