Get to know one of our top notch distributors, East Texas Hood Works! We asked them a few questions, check out their answers below:

I started East Texas Hood Works LLC in July of 2018.

I have some friends that own a few local restaurants and they were having trouble finding someone dependable to service their restaurants. Found out there was a need for locally-owned service provider, so I saw the need and took advantage of it.

Providing a service that is in high demand.

Lightning storms while on a roof that has no grounding system.

I witnessed a man sell a box full of what looked like kittens to an old Asian woman, while working on a roof. Yes, it was a Chinese restaurant.

While working a job, my diesel unit stopped heating and was blowing diesel out the boiler body. I replaced my ignition transformer and the unit started burning so much diesel that it shut down traffic and the fire department was called.

I’ve been lucky enough to have great customers who are all very reasonable.

If you rub bacon grease all over you before going to do a bid, you’ll get the job.

Being able to offer my customers a product and service that insures their establishment, customers, and employees are safe from ALL the elements of fire hazards.

I have PTSD, and I’m bipolar type 2.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Not a reader, any movie with Jim Carrey.

Watching my boys laugh and play together.

Would you like for this to be the last question? Yes.