It’s safe to say that fires are among one of the most destructive things in the world. When contained, they can be quite enjoyable. For example: fire pits, candles, cooking, heating, and many more. Fire can be quite helpful when used correctly. However, out of control fires can wreak havoc on buildings and nature. Not to mention causing complete devastation and taking lives.

While we know that fire can be a great and sometimes scary thing, we thought it would be best to show some of the reasons fires can become out of control. Maintaining proper safety when dealing with fire is vital, so here are some causes of major building fires to look out for.


Candles are great for providing a little bit of light in a dark room and maybe even making the space smell amazing! All-in-all, candles are pretty awesome. But having candles comes with responsibility! You must watch and be with the candle at all times while it is lit. Do not let the candle near or under flammable items. Do not leave children unattended with candles. Candles have and will start a fire if not cared for properly. The NFPA states that on average, 25 home fires are caused by candles per day. If you own a restaurant that has many tiny candles on each table, great! Just make sure to keep all flammables away from the flame, put the flame into a holder so that no guests can touch the flame, and make sure to put them all out when you close.


We know all the risks that come with smoking health wise, but what about the risks of smoking and causing a fire? Like candles, you must be attentive while smoking. Do not leave any part of your cigarette, cigar, etc. lit. Do not put anything that might be on fire with flammable items. If you have employees or guests that wish to smoke, make sure they do so in a designated area that is outside and at least 10 feet away from the building. Make sure they have proper disposing methods to keep burning ashes from spreading. This seems like common sense, but fires caused by smoking are much more common than most people think. The NFPA states that in 2011, over 90,000 fires were caused by smoking related incidents, resulting in almost 600 deaths.


This is not something you can pay attention to every time the heater comes on. Most of us trust our heaters to not incinerate us. But it happens! Take some precautions to keep everyone safe. Don’t let flammable items near the heating unit, turn off heaters when you are ready to leave the building, and most importantly have your heating equipment inspected yearly by a professional! If you are in a kitchen that has an open flame stove, take precautions to make sure the area surrounding is safe. Make sure that there are no sparks coming out of the oven into the kitchen and if there are, make sure to have a screen protecting from them flying around everywhere. Practice being safe and smart!


Grease fires can happen anywhere. Even in the most professional areas. It is important to take precautions in order to keep yourself and others safe! Know how to prevent and contain grease fires should they ever occur. As with all fires, keep all flammables away from the cooking area. If the grease begins to smoke, turn down the temperature immediately. Never, ever, never, ever throw water on a grease fire. Grease floats on water and will not be extinguished, instead it will be spread to further parts of the living space. You will need to smother the grease fire with something like baking soda.

Always have a fire extinguisher in your business, especially in the kitchen. Having multiple could even be a good idea, because you can never be too safe, right? Sometimes, even when you follow all the safety precautions, accidents happen. You do not want an accident to get the best of you, so just try to stay as safe as possible.

What is some advice that you would give to someone to prevent a fire in their home or building? Is there something we left out that you would like to share? Comment below!