In light of October—the month of spooky, creepy, gross, and surprising things—we wanted to bring you some of the scariest grease containment systems we have seen to date. Here at Omni Containment, we have seen some pretty spooky grease containment blunders. These three situations take the cake for being uber spooky (both in sight and in safety).

The Blob

Just like the 1958 fantasy/sci-fi, The Blob is ready to consume everything in its path. It’s angry, overflown, and ready to destroy (your business, that is). The Blob poses a threat to your business, your team, and to those that work on your rooftop. This is an extremely dangerous situation as the grease can damage your roof (costing you a lot of money), jeopardize your business (we don’t need to spell out what that means), and can wreak havoc on the environment (landing you some pretty hefty fines from the EPA).

Taming The Blob

Prevent The Blob from attacking your roof with an Omni Sidekick! Remember, your filters need to be changed on a regular basis. You can schedule this yourself or with your KEC team. They will take care of you and keep your business, team, and customers safe.

The Grease Pit

This fiend will eat away your roof in a hurry. As we said with The Blob, grease can deteriorate your roof, costing you thousands in repairs (not to mention the lost revenue from having to shut down for those repairs). Grease pits are terribly dangerous for the environment; anytime it rains, the grease will be washed into storm drains and surrounding terrain. Plus, it is an excellent source of fuel in the event of a fire (which we hope never happens to you).

Taming the Grease Pit

It’s super easy to get a Roof Guardian and tame a Grease Pit. It will prevent grease from overflowing onto the ground and surrounding area. Our Roof Guardian can hold up to one gallon of grease (to keep it compliant with the NFPA 96). Upblast fans shall have a drain directed to a readily accessible and visible grease receptacle not to exceed 3.8 L (1 gal).

The Guillotine

Would you want your head or hands anywhere near this accident waiting to happen? That’s why we have called it The Guillotine. The hold open chain is just… well, a chain. It’s not protecting the exhaust fan or anyone working on the fan. This has the ability to crash down, damaging the fan or destroying the rooftop.

Fixing The Guillotine

Omni Containment’s Super Hinge is the perfect solution for fixing The Guillotine. You may have read in our June case study (the Damaged Fan Base), we recommend that our Super Hinge cover at least 60 percent of the fan base to help protect it from breaking and crashing. Our Super Hinge is reliable, safe, and NFPA approved.


There are plenty of spooky situations on rooftops all over the United States. These are just some of the spookiest ones we have seen. They are dangerous to people, your business, and our environment. If you need help coming up with solutions for your business, contact our partner company, Omni Supply Company. We moved our distribution efforts and tactics over to Omni Supply in August. We are all still the same great people, with the same great product; nothing else has changed.