In previous Omni blogs, we have discussed the importance of having strong, compatible, and code compliant hinges installed on rooftop exhaust fans. Hinges prevent fan and roof damage, and provide safe and easy fan access for kitchen exhaust cleaning personnel. Omni Super Hinges include all of the aforementioned qualities. This blog will cover a particular type of fan, those with tapered ducts. It will display the versatility of Omni’s Super Hinges that allows them to be installed on fans that other hinges are not compatible with.

Tapered fans present a challenge in that the configuration of the fan does not allow a typical hinge to function. When Omni first developed the Super Hinge, our hinges wouldn’t work on that style of fan either. That left many rooftop fans without the capacity to be hinged, which left the fan and roof susceptible to damage and the costly repairs that followed. Worse, that made the job of the restaurant service provider much more difficult to perform, and far more dangerous. Omni’s engineering pros decided that they had to provide a solution to this situation.

The team came up with the adjustable pivot arm. The adjustable pivot arm utilizes a pivot point welded onto the lower arm. The lower pivot arm is designed with the pivot cam welded onto the lower arm using a barrel hinge. This allows the lower arm to be swiveled to almost 90 degrees in both directions while the pivot cam maintains its normal proximity to the upper arm, allowing the service hold open retainer to remain intact. This unique design allows the Super Hinge to become compatible to a tapered duct no matter how slight or extreme the taper may be. Like the Super Hinge that is installed on typical fans, the adjustable pivot arm Super Hinge for tapered duct fans is NFPA 96 code compliant and includes the service hold open retainer feature which can’t be found on any other hinge kits on the market today. That is the reason that the Super Hinge is the ONLY NFPA 96 compliant hinge available. Also, like our other hinges, the pivot arm hinge is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Omni has a Super Hinge solution for other difficult fan configurations too, including mismatched fans and even tricky wall mount style fans. Innovations like the adjustable pivot arm are one of the reasons that Omni is regarded as the foremost pioneer in groundbreaking solutions for the grease containment industry. For more information about any of our products call 877.226.6824