Four years ago, Omni Containment Systems partnered with Teinnova, a Spanish manufacturing company; this made us the sole North American distributor of their Tegras hood cleaning system. Our goal here at Omni has always been to provide products that will keep restaurants and people safe, are easy to use, and efficient. Our partnership with Teinnova helps us achieve that goal, and after our initial launch of the Tegras concept here in North America, the power of innovation continues to thrive through this partnership.

Last month, the Omni Containment Systems’ team traveled to Spain to strengthen this partnership even further. One of the main goals of the trip was to gain factory-certified technicians for Tegras North America! Jeff Stinek, our Technical Support Manager, and Gary Weldon, our Tegras North America Salesperson, trained directly with the Teinnova technical assistance services to become factory-certified technicians for the Tegras concept! This will provide an essential service to those who have purchased the equipment here in the U.S. If a warranty issue arises, our certified technicians will be able to service these systems directly here in the United States.

Our partnership with Teinnova helps us achieve our goals in innovation. The Tegras concept helps our clients minimize their time spent at each kitchen exhaust cleaning, is easy to use, protects their team, and saves them money. This spirit of innovation is what attracted Omni Containment Systems to be the sole North American distributor of the Tegras hood cleaning system. Kitchen exhaust cleaners who have made the Tegras concept their new partner in power washing have quickly felt the innovation and benefits of moving to automated cleaning. Karl Riekstins of Grexen had this to say about the Tegras concept, “Thank you for doing this! Teinnova ROCKS! This is the biggest technological advancement in KEC since the invention of the power washer!”

While the Omni Containment Systems’ team was in Spain, they were able to film a backstage tour of Teinnova and conducted an exclusive interview:

  1. What does your company do and where are you located?

Teinnova is a Spanish company, pioneer, and leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for the professional cleaning of kitchens´ systems of extraction and HVAC systems. We have been making the hardest cleaning easy for the past 16 years in more than 75 countries. Not only are we satisfied with existing needs but are also open to help our clients with new projects that might arise in different industries. Our engineers design specific solutions at our client´s requests.

  1. What challenges did you see in a typical kitchen exhaust cleaning process?

Cleaning kitchen exhaust systems is a tedious and difficult task, no doubt about it. We know how hard it is to carry out this task manually and, for this reason, the main objective of Teinnova is to make things easier and more efficient for operators. With our technology, our clients can clean the most difficult and inaccessible parts of the ducts.

  1. How does the Teinnova line of equipment solve these challenges?

Our ongoing research, together with our extensive experience in the industry, enables us to provide unique solutions to problems at any level in the cleaning of ducts.

  1. What challenges did you run into while innovating the equipment?

It has been really challenging to design our equipment with high quality materials without implying a significant increase in the price of the final product.

  1. What do you like the most about the Teinnova line of equipment?

The trust offered to our clients by means of the quality and excellent results of everything we design and manufacture. And not only regarding quality, but also design and professional image.

  1. What sets your brand apart from other brands?

We provide unique technology and reliability backed up by our industry and manufacturing expertise.

  1. How has the Tegras equipment helped kitchen exhaust cleaners?

Beyond providing them with the optimal solutions to their needs, we guide, train, and support our clients constantly so that they are able to get their investment back as soon as possible. In that way, we also participate in the success of our clients.

  1. What are the future goals for the Tegras line of equipment?

To remain at the forefront in the design and development of our equipment and to continue growing and providing solutions to more customers around the world.

  1. What are you doing to reach those goals?

25% of the company’s staff are part of our research and development department and they are continuously improving the existing solutions and innovating new ones. Regarding growth, we are trying to broaden our horizons through different industries and making special alliances with specially selected companies that can represent our brand in different parts of the world, such as Omni Containment in North America.

  1. What is the biggest reason you would recommend the Tegras equipment?

The founder of the company and other staff members used to clean “manually” themselves, so they know better what difficulties you will encounter while performing this job. In that sense, our innovations come as a response to customer needs, and we base them on our know-how. We think this is a luxury that not everybody can count on.

  1. What was one distinct innovation that Teinnova was happy to achieve?

After many years of experience and fieldwork, we have been able to develop the most effective chemical product for the technical cleaning of grease. Together with our active foam generators, our system will continuously produce foam with the perfect density to adhere to the walls of the duct and provide the contact time needed to effectively dissolve the grease. We connect our foam generators with our powerful pneumatic robots, which have 25-30-meter-long hoses, injecting the foam inside the ducts easily.

Tiennova’s research and development are constantly innovating to offer the highest quality kitchen exhaust cleaning equipment with the latest technologies. Omni Containment Systems is proud of our partnership with the Spanish manufacturing company, Teinnova, and we look forward to many years of future innovation with them. Contact Omni Containment today to discuss or purchase this revolutionary product.