At Omni Containment Systems, we see all types of scenarios when it comes to rooftop grease containment. One of the more apparent situations that we come across daily is rooftop grease containment failing from the basic components that come equipped on a rooftop up-blast exhaust fan. Most up-blast exhaust fans come with a standard hinge and a standard box.  What we often see is a scenario where the standard box cannot absorb the output of grease that is being produced and the result is a black tarry grease exuding from the box onto the roof top. As you can see in the picture to the side, the standard grease box doesn’t prevent grease overflow onto the roof.

This inherent flaw in the design of the basic grease trays that come with a fan will often create a chain reaction of errors from facility maintenance staff who try to contain the rooftop grease with an improvised empty container.  Often, we see an industrial kitchen bucket that obviously was taken from the kitchen area to try and catch the secreting discharge.  We have even seen chafing dishes from the kitchen being used to capture the grease. We appreciate the effort, however there is a major flaw when utilizing various kitchen contraptions to catch grease discharge.

You see, the theory of simply catching the grease in a basic container is inherently flawed. It is flawed because when you place a capturing container you are not just collecting grease from the fan, you are also collecting precipitation.  As the improvised kitchen device fills with grease from the fan spout along with the precipitation you are collecting a messy concoction that will eventually fill to the rim and overflow directly onto the rooftop.

Therefore, Omni Containment Systems has three rooftop grease solutions for those clients whose “box” is failing but do not yet have multi-sided leaking.  These one-sided solutions not only capture the secreting discharge from the fan spout, they are hydrophobic, meaning that they absorb only grease, not precipitation. Our systems also feature off-the-rooftop protection, so you can stop using old technology that hides grease under layers of filters that sit on your roof. Each of our three solutions are unique and fully capable of handling your rooftop grease situation.

The Grease Box was designed with facility management in mind and is cost effective. The Grease Box cosmetically blends with up-blast exhaust fans making it 100% weather proof and 100% wind proof.  It is manufactured from 22-gauge galvanized sheet metal and is available in three styles to meet your individual needs. Each style features two to three tiers that contain a one-of-a-kind patented polypropylene grease absorbent pillow. The absorbent pillows capture the grease while the patented even water flow diverters and over flow walls allow precipitation to escape.  The Grease Box requires regular filter changes but as you see in the picture below, the side door and slide out tiers make this task a breeze!

If you are a facility manager and are finding it too difficult to perform proper maintenance, the Grease Gutter Sidekick is your simple solution!  The Grease Gutter Sidekick has a compact design that will not interfere with service providers and is constructed with UL approved materials. It features one easy to replace Fill-More Grease Boom. The Omni Containment Fill-More line of replaceable filters absorb up to 10 times their weight in grease and oils, and they are hydrophobic, allowing rainwater to escape.

For facility managers who want a filterless system, we have the Exhaust Fan Interceptor (EFI) which is the only product on the market that not only processes rain water, allowing it to escape freely, but facilitates waste water recovery during servicing. The EFI can handle all the grease you can possibly cook up while allowing unlimited amounts of rain to escape the fan without flooding grease onto the roof.  The EFI system is built to last and features an oil receptacle capacity of 1 gallon and a liquid capacity of 7.1 gallons.

So, the next time you are on a rooftop and you happen to find that basic components that came equipped on the rooftop up-blast exhaust fan are failing, think of these three solutions for the problem. The Grease Gutter, Sidekick, EFI and Grease Box Systems, and their hydrophobic qualities, are a huge improvement over a drip tray, chafing dish, or “Pickle” bucket.  More importantly, each of these rooftop solutions will keep your kitchen supplies where they need to be, in the kitchen, and your rooftop grease free.