In this issue of “Getting to Know” we are featuring our own Sales professional, Tim Edwards.

I had some time available during the day and thought grease containment sounded interesting.

Helping customers become code compliant with Omni Containment products.

Working next to Skip! (LOL) People who skip past code compliance to save money putting service techs at risk of injury.

When working with the group that we work with at Omni “strange” happens almost daily.

Refer to previous question.

We had a customer ask for our customer list.  I give them credit “you don’t get if you don’t ask”.  (They did not get)

Code and compliance would be mandated and utilized.

I was told once “when you borrow something give it back better than you got it”. To the best of your ability “SERVE” above and beyond.

“A dirty bathroom is a good indicator of how a business is run.”

I can touch my nose with my tongue/ have fished in Canada for 25 years and still have not caught a fish 40 inches or larger.

Fresh grouper from Aboco Island, Bahamas. Fresh Walleye from Wabigoon Lake, Canada. Chocolate cake from Bubble Room Captiva Island, FL.

Book: The Magic of Thinking Big

Movie: Tommy Boy/Shawshank Redemption