November is notoriously known for being the month of showing thanks (duh, we have Thanksgiving coming up!) Last year, we discussed what we were thankful for. This year, we want to show our thanks to someone who has been with us for four years: Tanya Hill. Tanya is our shipping and warehouse operations manager; she ensures all our clients receive exactly what they need when they need it.

Tanya has worked with machinery for most of her life, from Napa Auto Parts to Toyota Parts & Service, she has done it all. In her free time, she enjoys being a grease monkey and gear head. She enjoys auto restoration and mechanics, having restored a 1968 VW Beetle, rebuilt a 350 engine in a 1978 Z28 Camaro, and participating in a little drag racing. This month, we are thankful for Tanya and our entire team!

All of it; I love going to work. To me, it’s fulfilling and challenging. I like the challenge; it keeps my mind working.

Working with customs—mainly with the hinges with offsets and adjustable arms. International shipping (not an easy task).

There are a ton of grease containment products and there is always room for a new product.

There are several variations of grease containment. You will certainly learn something new every day.

I can’t answer this question; there’s nothing I would change.

I would want to be like Mary Poppins: Be able to make multiple things happen at once (ie. build hinges, gutters, filters, Roof Guardians, Grease Boxes, etc.)

The Other Sister

Couples Retreat

Practical Magic

A day off vegging out with my husband, binge watching movies and eating junk food, still in our pajamas.