This issue of our newsletter features an interview with Nathan Leathers, owner of Green Guard Services in San Marcos, California. Nathan has been installing Omni Access Armor Access Doors at a prolific rate for some time. We wanted to ask him about that and he was kind enough to take the time to answer our questions.

The business has been around for 6 years, I personally have been in the service industry for about 15 years. We found a niche where the majority of the industry does not satisfy the customers’ requests or needs, we have developed a platform from a physical and customer service standpoint that hopefully satisfies and provides solutions above expectations.

To be frank, it’s a nice “jolt” every month but our business model is based on a residual revenue stream. The one time repairs help us differentiate ourselves versus the competition, in addition to bringing value by showing “relative evidence” to our clients on areas that are considered fire hazards.

Pretty simple to be honest, be direct and honest with our clients, explain the associated risk with not having the panels, and that my company offers a lifetime warranty on the parts and install.  It is worth over a 10 year investment to ensure a safe working system. It will also ensure with our hood cleaning service that they adhere to local and federal codes along with insurance regulations.

It’s very clear they are built with a much higher level of care, with their cam lock system and are much more heavy duty than your cheap spring loaded clamp access panels. If you are performing KEC Cleaning like it should be, removing those panels on a regular basis is necessary and needs, therefore, a durable solution that is the right solution for long term viability of that system.