When it comes to discussing hinging solutions for typical fans, we often highlight the qualities of these hinges and how they function. Among these, the original Super Hinge stands out for providing structural integrity to a fan base. Another innovative option is the Quick-Fit Super Hinge, known for its speedy installation and compatibility with fans featuring an overlapping wind band.

In an ideal scenario, the kitchen exhaust fan would be positioned atop a level rooftop, perfectly centered with a flush fan base and curb. However, the reality often differs, with exhaust fans installed on sloped rooftops, mounted on the side of buildings, and featuring tapered or offset ducts. In such cases, exploring a diverse range of hinging solutions becomes essential to cater to varying rooftop configurations. Now, let’s delve into lesser-known hinging solutions offered by Omni Containment Systems, specifically highlighting pivot arms and adjustable hinge mounting systems. 

Pivot Arms:

Omni’s Pivot Arms are specially designed with lower hinge arms crafted for angled or tapered ductwork, where traditional rigid hinge setups might not suffice. These arms feature a unique design with a mounting cam welded to a barrel-style hinge, which in turn is welded to a Super Hinge lower arm. This configuration ensures secure attachment to tapered ductwork while maintaining NFPA 96 required service hold open retainer. Unlike standard Super Hinges, which are typically mounted vertically at 90 degrees, pivot arms can be mounted at angles ranging from 40 to 150 degrees. Constructed from robust 2” x 3/8” cold rolled steel; these pivot arms offer extra strength for challenging mounting situations.

Adjustable Arm:

The Adjustable Arm setup is particularly beneficial for large offset scenarios, where simply installing longer pivot bolts and spacers may compromise hinge integrity and NFPA 96 compliance. This solution is ideal for offsets exceeding 3 inches, as it relocates the offset to the lower mounting bolts, preserving the functionality of the service hold open retainer. By extending the twin lower arm bolts and adding spacers, the adjustable arm solution enhances strength and reduces twisting flex. In extreme offset situations, a third lower arm bolt may be added in a triangulated pattern for added reinforcement. This solution is compatible with both Super Hinge and Quick-Fit Super Hinge models.

At Omni Containment Systems, we take pride in offering solutions for a wide range of hinging scenarios. All our hinging solutions prioritize NFPA 96 compliance, ensuring safety remains paramount. If you encounter a scenario where a standard fan hinge falls short, don’t hesitate to contact us at 877-226-6824. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you to find optimal solutions for your hinging and grease containment needs.