Omni Containment Systems is the evolution of an idea that started in 1985. Kevin Chwala, our founder and chief product designer, was an early pioneer in the industry of grease containment. He innovated products for the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry, and Omni Containment Systems continues to provide products that are easy-to-use, efficient, and help keep people and property safe. Several of our products help our clients minimize their time spent during their typical KEC cleanings. Today, we are going to highlight Omni Containment Systems’ top essential tools to better equip your kitchen exhaust cleaning.

The Tegras Concept

The perfect tool to add to your team is the Tegras concept. The Tegras concept helps our clients minimize their time spent at each kitchen exhaust cleaning, is easy to use, protects their team, and saves them money. KEC providers who have purchased the Tegras concept report that it has saved them thirty to forty-five minutes on average when cleaning the hood alone. The Tegras methodology can reach all spots needing to be cleaned that are typically inaccessible by other methods. This system was engineered to provide a definitive solution to the problem of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems, hoods, ducts, and exhaust fans. With the Tegras concept, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your cleaning process.


Arm your company with an Omni Containment Super Hinge. Exhaust fans are heavy. So, if there is no hinge kit, then the fan must be lifted off the curb to clean the exhaust system properly. This could cause personal injury. When browsing your hinging options, stability and safety should be your number one priority! You and your employees shouldn’t have to worry about working safely while on a rooftop; that is why the NFPA 96 has made it a requirement for all rooftop fans to be equipped with a hinged service hold open retainer.

Proper hinging can also prevent grease leaks by maintaining the strength of seals. Our patented Super Hinge is the only NFPA 96 compliant hinge on the market. We offer different sizes to provide fans of varying lengths the proper amount of coverage. As stated in previous blogs, hinges should span across at least 60% of the fan base to be considered safe enough for service personnel to clean. This is not an NFPA 96 requirement; 60% is what Omni Containment Systems has found to be the best and safest length.

Access Armor Duct Access Doors

The Access Armor duct access doors are the next essential tool for KEC providers. Many of the Omni customers were very impressed with the Super Hinge and asked Omni to produce our own brand of access doors. Therefore, Kevin put his creative mind to work once again and came up with our patented access door. He addressed one main problem with common access doors which use wing nuts to seal the duct. Wing nuts often are small and difficult to hold and grasp, especially for hood cleaners who often had grease on their hands. Kevin figured that the best way to address this issue was to make the Omni access door self-contained. He patented a “Cam-Lock” design that eliminates misplacing fastening hardware. Another reported problem was strength and durability, many were made of galvanized steel. So, he made the Omni access door with high grade 11 gauge 304 stainless steel. Finally, many access doors on the market were a simple rectangle, having sharp angles to enter and exit. Omni’s Access Armor provides more room for entry and has a more octagonal shape, eliminating those sharp corners.

Grease Away

There is no reason to stress over spilled grease, emulsify it with Grease Away! Traditional cleanup of a grease spill would involve coating the grease saturated area with an absorbent material, such as cat litter, which then needs to be swept off and physically hauled away. That is so messy and time consuming! This is one of the reasons why Grease Away is a popular tool, because there is little to no clean up involved after application. If rainfall occurs 24-72 hours after product application, the saturated Grease Away will be washed away (no cleanup is necessary). If rain doesn’t come, the saturated Grease Away can be washed away using a hose. With Grease Away, you can significantly improve the efficiency of rooftop cleanup and safety.

Grease Containment Filters

Are there measures you can take to stay on top of and ahead of potential grease related headaches? Many restaurants already have some sort of grease containment device on or around the exhaust fan. That’s a good start, but most grease containment systems include absorbent media or filters to hold the grease. Sooner or later, these filters will reach their saturation capacity. The filters must be changed before that happens or else grease will end up wreaking havoc on the roof and environment. To prevent this possibility, a forward-thinking kitchen exhaust cleaning company will stock its trucks with a variety of replacement filters. When the crew comes across a grease containment system that has been neglected, they can rectify the problem right then and there.


Omni Containment Systems’ line of kitchen exhaust cleaning tools are the perfect way to get back more time and money for your company. With the time saved, more restaurants can be cleaned, helping to make your business more money. If you are ready to take your kitchen exhaust cleaning business to the next level, contact an Omni Containment Systems team member. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect tools to elevate your business.