Hood cleaning companies often miss out on significant revenue opportunities. One major reason for this is the failure to maximize potential with each individual client. Many add-on services are frequently overlooked, and resources like social media, an informative website, and potential allies such as fire marshals and AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) are underutilized. At Omni Containment Systems, we want to help you tap into this unclaimed revenue.

Add New Services

Consider offering services that your clients might need but aren’t currently receiving. For instance, you could provide power washing for the sidewalks, surrounding areas, building exteriors, and windows of the restaurant. Additionally, inspect the parking lot for grease spills, gum, and other unsightly messes. Areas like the grease dumpster corral often remain neglected and might violate EPA or other codes.

Think about starting a filter cleaning or exchange program. Also, explore the various duct system and rooftop services you can offer, such as installing access doors every twelve feet or at changes in direction, installing hinge kits for safe access for service personnel, and setting up proper grease containment systems to prevent greasy and dangerous rooftops. If a grease containment system is already in place, check the absorbent filters to see if they need replacing. Always carry Grease Away for any spills you might encounter.

Automate Processes

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is typically performed by hand with some help from machines, such as sprayers or power washers. This process can take quite a bit of time with setup alone. The parts that you can automate can provide massive time savings. The amount of time saved also saves you money and opens the door to scheduling more clients in one day’s work.

Upgrading or purchasing the right equipment can be instrumental in helping your KEC company tackle these tough jobs. It is common for businesses to get to a point where they have plateaued and need to invest in their business for it to grow and become more profitable. You may need to purchase new technology, machinery, and equipment.

Maximizing Rooftop Opportunities

Restaurant rooftop exhaust fans come with different grease containment systems. Some, like the Omni Grease Gutter and the Roof Guardian, offer 360-degree coverage, while smaller systems protect only beneath the grease drain spout. These units often include grease-absorbing filter media that must be replaced when saturated. Unfortunately, this crucial task is frequently overlooked. Restaurant owners or maintenance staff may not even be aware that this job needs regular attention, resulting in grease-covered roofs and numerous potential problems.

A well-prepared cleaning crew with a properly stocked truck can prevent these issues. An alert team will inspect the rooftop area around the exhaust fan for grease as part of their routine service. If grease is present, they should determine its source and check if a grease containment system is installed. If not, they should inform the restaurant owner or responsible party about the issue. If a system is in place, the crew should check the filters. Given the presence of grease, the filters are likely saturated. Having a variety of filter media sizes and configurations on hand allows the crew to resolve the problem immediately. Taking before-and-after photos can help demonstrate the issue and its resolution to the restaurant manager. This proactive approach prevents minor issues from escalating while also boosting the company’s revenue.

Omni Containment Systems offers a wide range of grease absorbent filter media in various shapes and sizes to fit any grease containment system you may encounter. Equip your hood cleaning trucks with an ample supply and watch your profits soar!

Get Digital

Are you already active on social media to educate customers about your company and the industry? Social media allows you to share your expertise, join discussions, and assist anyone with questions about the industry or your company. This helps position you and your company as experts in your field. Additionally, a well-designed website is crucial. If you already have one, make sure it’s up to date with the latest information about your company and the industry. An outdated website can drive visitors away, while a modern, easy-to-navigate site with useful information will keep their attention.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals are a key source of business often overlooked. If you’re doing a great job for a franchise owner, they may know other franchise owners in your territory and can introduce you. Don’t hesitate to ask satisfied customers for referrals. When they are happy with your work, they are usually glad to help. Also, get to know the AHJs in your area. Educate them on NFPA 96 and the potential dangers of not following codes. AHJs can be valuable allies and resources, so make it a priority to establish a relationship with them.


There are many ways to increase your company’s income. These are just a few suggestions. Encourage your team to be on the lookout for additional service opportunities and reward them when they do. Implementing even these few ideas will yield positive results and increase your profits.

By maximizing potential with each client, utilizing digital resources effectively, and building strong relationships with key allies, you can unlock significant revenue opportunities. At Omni Containment Systems, we’re here to support you every step of the way.