Setting goals for your business is one of the most important steps to achieve success; regardless of how old your business is, where you are located, or how profitable it is, you must set goals. Goals help you stay focused and keep your business from becoming stagnant. Omni Containment Systems’ goal is to provide products that are easy-to-use, efficient, and help keep people and property safe. Several of our products help our clients maximize their time spent during their typical kitchen exhaust cleanings. Today, we are going to highlight the advantages of purchasing Teinnova’s revolutionary kitchen exhaust cleaning equipment for your business: Tegras.

Upgrading your equipment is essential to helping your business grow. You may need to purchase new technology, machinery, or even vehicles. But taking that next step in purchasing new equipment can be a hard step to take. Sometimes, businesses may not have the funds to purchase new equipment, so taking the leap to get a new equipment loan may be the way to go. There are lots of advantages to investing in new equipment for your business. This will help to set your business up for success.

Below are the top 5 advantages of purchasing the Tegras line of equipment for your business:

  1. Stay Up to Date on New Innovations

Technology continues to improve, and businesses need to offer the most advanced technology to help increase their bottom line. The Spanish company, Teinnova, has been a pioneer and leader in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry. Twenty-five percent of their company’s staff is dedicated to research and development to ensure that they are continuously improving existing solutions and innovating new ones. So, when you purchase Tegras equipment, you can trust the quality and excellent results of everything they design and manufacture.

This is something to keep in mind when it is time to purchase a new machine. While older variations may cost less, are they as efficient as the newest model? If there is a noticeable difference in the features based on new advancements, then the new machine is the right way to go.

  1. Productivity and Efficiency

Brand-new equipment is essential when it is time to increase your overall efficiency. Perhaps your business has steadily increased and you find it difficult to manage projects with shorter deadlines. Maybe you have been asked to clean a kitchen exhaust duct that is difficult to access. These are signs that you may need to invest in additional or new equipment.

The Tegras speeds up the entire kitchen exhaust cleaning process, almost to the point where it could be considered automated cleaning. The combination of active foam, mechanical brush, and compressed air speeds up the entire kitchen exhaust cleaning process while making it easier for the user. When you work in a competitive industry, the ability to meet deadlines can be the difference between keeping customers and losing them.

  1. Promotes a Good Working Environment

Having equipment that doesn’t work the way you need it to can cause your business to fall behind your competition. When employees are hindered by faulty equipment or equipment that is not working, it can be frustrating. Having high-quality, working equipment will give your employees the right tools for the job, increasing their productivity.

It’s not easy work; kitchen exhaust cleaning takes patience, passion, and willpower. Patience for the process, passion for helping restaurants and teams stay safe from the damages of fire, and willpower to keep performing a very dirty (but rewarding) job. With a job like that, you certainly want the best technology at your fingertips.

  1. Expansion

When you purchase the Tegras concept, your production will increase with the new equipment. In addition, it will increase the quantity and quality of the service you are providing, offering more to your customers. The Tegras concept will help boost your revenue streams and give your business the chance of becoming more profitable. You can explore different marketplaces or gain new contracts for the extra services you can provide with the Tegras concept. This new opportunity will set you up to hire more staff and increase your workload.

  1. Improve Your Workplace Safety

The Tegras equipment goes through rigorous safety testing and that is important for many businesses. Teinnova designed the Tegras chemical, Comegras, with a bag-in-a-box feature so that operators would not have to mess with tricky chemical bottles. The safety of employees and operators of the machinery is always paramount. For this reason, you want something that is going to be easy to sustain and will not become a safety risk to employees. Keeping equipment up to date will make your workspace as safe as possible.

Purchasing new equipment can be a difficult decision and perhaps a needless expense, but when you invest in new equipment, you are investing in your business’s future. As a kitchen exhaust cleaner, you want to ensure that not only are your customers happy, but their spaces are free of grease. The easier that job is on you and your employees, the better. When you obtain the Tegras equipment, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your machine is going to save you time and money, and that, in itself, is priceless. Contact Omni Containment Systems today to learn more about how the Tegras concept can help your business grow.